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      Hi everyone,I have Adobe premiere Pro and I need to make a short clip of my wedding dvd. I cannot import it in the original format VOB file(vts_01_1) because premiere cannot recognise it.
      Which is the best format to convert it so as to keep the best quality ( I have tried mpeg and it is not good quality)???????

      And again with premiere pro,as I am quite novice in editing,how do I do to cut the film into clips? I have tried the razor tool,then delete the non needed part, but it does not seem to be the right step!!!
      Please share your Knowledge with me on the matter because I really want to do it myself!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

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      Use MpegStreamclip (free) to convert the VOB files to DV-AVI.
      Those will work perfectly in Premiere πŸ™‚

      Going from VOB to DV-AVI or any other format will lose some quality.

      You are doing fine with the razor tool, cut out and delete the sections you don’t want.
      There are some free tutorials at

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      I think it was “birdcat’ who once suggested changing the extension from VOB to MPG. it worked for me. I copied the file to my hard drive from the dvd, changed the extension and then loaded into PPro.

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      Sometimes it works to change the extension, sometimes not.
      You can also lose some of the files data that way.
      It is always better to convert if you have the option.

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      My friend try to use nero to covert your file to any format, size and standard you like. most of time people bring me the dvd to make some changes on music and cut out some clips. I have tried so many software to convert files did not work in term of quality. but with nero the qality change was not noticeable.

      try all the methode and see what pleases you.
      God bless you.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I believe virtual dub is still free. You can use it to make a quicktime you can import.

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      actually, Adobe Premiere Pro can give you good quality with MPEG format if you install a plugin called MainConcept MPEG Pro. It is a full- featured MPEG editing solution for Adobe Premiere Pro. Although Adobe Premiere Pro will import MPEG format, it does not offer native MPEG editing and smart MPEG rendering.
      To cut film into clips and remove non needed part, use razor tool. Say, if the clips starts at 1:00:00 and ends at 2:00:00, you might want to remove a segment between 1:30:00 and 1:45:00. Using the Razor tool, click on those two points to cut the clip at 1:30 and 1:45. Go back to the Selection tool, click on the part of the clip you want to remove, then right click, and choose Ripple Delete. All clips after that point move to the left and the gap is closed.

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