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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Hello people of Videomaker:

      I’m currently making a weather forecast with the green screen, lightning setup, etc. I want to use an old RCA TV so the talent could see what they are doing in camera. With the RCA Cable from the camcorder the talent can see themselves and the greenscreen, but not the image/video of the greenscreen. I want to know is there is a way I can use this RCA TV to see the greenscreen image/video? I went to a television studio and the meteorologist used TV likes this, one left, one right and one in the middle. That’s what I want to do and use the RCA TV as the middle one.

      Of course if this doesnt work I have plan B which I will use MaxiVista with several laptops to make exactly what I explain above. This program is awesome,google it and see for yourself.

      I think I will use the second alternative but I believe that old technology and equipment may seem obsolete, but tuning them with a few things, could make the equipment something of good use.

      Keep doing video everyone

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      not knowing what your setup is, how are you monitoring what you are putting together? If you have a feed going to a monitor, why couldn’t you just split that feed and send a line to a monitor for the talent to use?


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