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      I have noticed one quirk of FC. It will not accept MPEG video.

      By this, I mean that when I import an MPEG video that works fine on my Windows machine and within PC editing apps.

      But when I try to import MPEG to FC, the sound does not import. Why is this?

      Also, I cannot import DVD’s. No not store bought DVD’s. Just homemade DVD’s. Lately, I have needed to redownload clips from these DVD’s that I lost the original footage for.


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      MPEG video really isn’t intended for editing, it is intended as a final delivery format.

      Because of this, many programs like FCP an Premiere Pro don’t play that well with it.

      The missing audio has to do with the way the mpeg audio is written into the file. the normal work flow that I am aware of would be to use a conversion program to turn the MPEG footage into Quicktime Dv format and edit that.

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