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      How many of you are using the HUGE social and business connectivity available to you via LinkedIn? It is worth your time, if you’re in any facet of the video business community, to go to this site and get connected.

      I’ve been there for a good while, but am in the process of renewing my efforts and am impressed with the possibilities for expanding the reach of my Video StoryTellers! and CorElAnn Video Productions operations, as well as my BLOG.

      Anyone who wants to pursue this and get a kick-start in the connections process, send me your e-mail address and I will invite you to connect with me. The more of us there are, the more powerful our reach will be. E-mail:

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      Once again I find myself agreeing with Earl. I cut and pasted the below from my website blog. It illustrates some of Earls points, offers some numerical evidence (small as those numbers are) and I’d like to add it does require constant attention. What isn’t in the numbers is my efforts regarding SEO – different than getting noticed on social networks and also requiring time and attention.

      Monday October 4, 2010
      One year of blogging, Google Analytics, Twitter, YouTube, FACEBOOK and LinkedIn – where has it all led?

      In August of 09 I had a long talk with social media proponent, John Willis of Willis ETECH. He helped me develop a social marketing strategy to increase my visibility in the community and, of course, get more business. As a place to start, I set up my web pages with Google Analytics code and didn’t do anything in the month of September except sign up for Twitter, FACEBOOK, YouTube and LinkedIn. I moved my shorter videos off my website on to YouTube as part of that strategy. In October 09 I began blogging and then tweeting about my blogs, suggesting people read my blog by going to my website. At first I had Twitter, FACEBOOK, YouTube and LinkedIn all linked together but I unlinked them and now address those media with a separate post; that way I can make FACEBOOK posts more family and LinkedIn ones more professional.

      Selected RESULTS according to Google Analytics
      Sept. 2009
      Visitors=10, Page Views= 39, Bounce=59%, Avg. time on site=00:37
      Sept. 2010
      Visitors=90, Page Views=519, Bounce=48%, Avg. time on site=03:13

      Life is good! But much more work to do getting the word out via social media, but also requiring time and attention.

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      I’ve been on LinkedIn for years (was one of the early users) – A great resource for any professional networking.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I heard about Linkedln a while ago and I join today. It have a lot of things and its going to take me some time to master it. One thing, everyone is on Facebook this days and I believe it have more potential to reach possible clients. Although many Facebook members waste their life commenting each and every minute of their day and probably not looking for video services. So LinkedIn seems to target more professional people or businesses that could really help connect with potential clients. I will be playing around with it for a while. It seems promising

      PS: Earl, thanks for the invitation

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      Just an update to note that if you’ve drifted away from LinkedIn, or have never been, now is a good time to update, check it out and get on board. LinkedIn now offers published authors a place to share their publishing creds and much, MUCH more.

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      Grinner Hester

      Not only do I get an occasional gig through linkedin, I often catch up with old colliques I would have lost otherwise. Over and over this has brought revenue to my company. We are all in the friend making business, unless in the legal or healthcare professions. I can’t tell you how important is is to be top of mind when someone you once worked with needs something.

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      Grinner, can’t find you on LinkedIn. Would you like to send me a connection so, if you want of course, can connect there? Also working on an article and would like to use your comments here in it. Do I have your permission?

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      Grinner Hester

      you bet ya do. Anytime.

      added ya to my linkedin connections

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      Newbie here,

      It sounds like many people use Linkedin as a way to promote their own business. I was under the impression that Linkedin was strictly a resource for helping professionals find jobs.

      On which point am I wrong?

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      Grinner Hester

      the part where you see it as a job site.

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      Has to do with letting professionals know what you’re a professional at.

      Establishing relationships with professionals who might be interested in using or referring professionals.

      Giving you a professional way to mark your “creds” seriously.

      And what part of advertising, marketing, social networking and websites isn’t about jobs or generating income or business which boils back down to “jobs”?

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      From it’s inception, LinkedIn was all about business networking. It’s a proven fact that for many professions, networking was the best way to find employment (just ask WorkForce Alliance or other agencies like them) but that was not what LinkedIn sought to provide. It was social networking for professionals of any ilk.

      I have made many introductions which have resulted in business being conducted between the parties, not necessarily jobs but commerce in general (services and sales included).

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      I do not know if you ever looked into it but joining a B.N.I. group has its advantages as well. There, you personally connect with people that when they hear of something that needs to be performed they can hand out your business cards for your, broadening your outreach. You hand out your business cards and take quite a few from everyone else and share them with others looking for their type of work as you come across from time to time. Like, do you now of a goog plumber, you can refer them to one in the group and it works both ways. You can see if they have a chapter or more at are usually at least one group in most areas.

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      You’re absolutely right, Charles. Thanks for the LinkedIn connection. In any business it’s all about eyeballs, the more people who know about you, business or individual, the more your branding, outreach, exposure, visibility and linkage expands, growing your business and personal influence well beyond your immediate local community network.

      I draw a hefty amount of business, especially for Video StoryTellers! and my memorial and celebrations of life montage productions due to contacts throughout the country, and globally. The more effort we put into establishing awareness of who we are, what we do and the services or products we offer, the more return we will enjoy.

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