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      I apologize if this has been asked and answered but I am new to video and this forum. I do event videography with two cameras and a digital audio recorder. Is there any way to use the camera and recorder time of day information to give at least an approximate sync for editing? I use Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro. I have a trial version of PluralEyes but it sometimes doesn’t work perfectly and will cost me $149 to buy in 10 days. I could very carefully synchronize the clocks in the equipment before I start a shoot. All the equipment records to SD cards so there are file times recorded with the files.

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      Grinner Hester

      time of day for both cameras is easier because you don’t have to run a gen lock line. Not all cameras have time of day mode though. Hop into the ole manual and look under TC or time code.

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      I have only found two reliable, and cheap solutions…

      one: 3-2-1 (loud handclap) after hitting record on all three devices and synch em manually in post…. using the audio spike..

      and an iphone clackerboard ap called iSlate which again allows a visual clock reference to use in post.

      good, cheap or easy…. pick one.

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      To Grinner – I have set the clocks but am interested if any software inside or outside Adobe Premier can use that information for synchronization.

      To Don – that solution would be fine for normal production but I record public events and make lots of short clips. Loud claps every few minutes would get me kicked out of the hall.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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