Using an HV10 without a tape for time lapse?

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      Hi, I’ve hooked up my HV10 to my Mac running iMovie HD using Firewire to do some
      time lapse videos. The only hassle I’ve come across is the need for a tape to be in
      the camera or I get the “Camera No Tape” message. It works fine if you have a tape
      in the camera but it’s stuck in the “Rec Pause” mode and I assume it won’t stay in that mode
      for very long without shutting itself off or wearing out the motor.
      You can fool iMovie for some reason by putting a tape in and then removing it, but you
      can’t make any settings changes anywhere or you lose the image and get the “Camera No Tape”
      Seems like there must be some way or mode I can set to use the camera for this purpose
      without a tape in it?



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      To answer my own question it seems that if you lock the tape so it can’t be recorded on it seems

      to solve the problem.


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