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      Hello all.I have a question about a tutorial on page #50 of the February 2009 Videomaker Magazine.Step 3.Bring your pictures into the composition.”The video is 720X480,but the picture is 960X1280″.Please explain to me on where and how the picture size of 960X1280 was arrived at.Thank you.,Linda

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      Could you please clarify what you mean when you say “arrived at?”

      I believe the article is just saying that it is better to have a larger photothan your currentvideo resolution to allow room for panning and zooming without quality loss…

      Here is the video related to the article…perhaps it will help answer your question.The video isdone in premiere, but the concept translates to all editing/compositing platforms:

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      The images are from a digital camera. That may just be the size that that specific camera takes images at. For what that tutorial calls the pan and scan effect(sometimes called pan and zoom, the ken burns effect, or by it’s true name kinestatis) you need to have an image that is larger than your video frame size, otherwise the pan effect would end on the empty background space.

      By the way for a smoother effect you may want to animate the anchor point of the layer instead of it’s position.

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