Using a cleaning tape too much?

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      I think I remember hearing somewhere that if you use a head cleaning tape too much on a GL2, it can start doing damage. My question is how often is too often?

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      From personal experience, my preference (right or wrong, supported by the maufacturers or not) is…

      …if I am going out on a major production, a wedding, or any gig that represents more than a hobby shoot, I will run a tape head cleaner recommended for my brand of camera prior to the shoot. While I certainly am NOT rich enough to simply toss my cameras into cardboard boxes and run them in dust storms, thunderstorms, or huricanes, or shoot daily surfing competitions in the blowing salt air and not be concerned with maintenance, repairs or replacement…

      …well, they ARE tools. I AM producting video full time and video is my ONLY means of income – NO OTHER funds/resources period! And as such, I need them to be able to do the job(s) at hand.

      I read about people who have NEVER cleaned the heads and who claim they have NEVER had a clog or problem. I read about people who use whatever tape they can get their hands on – brand X, Y, Z or Sony, or Panasonic, or JVC, or TDK…and who claim they NEVER have a problem with the various types of formula these brands represent, never get clogged or damaged heads as a result.

      If you are in “the business” to make money, pay your bills, make a profit, you HAVE to be sure your camera is in the best possible working order. IMHO that means I clean my camera heads prior to EVERY important job – and most of them ARE important to me, to my clients and to my reputation.

      This is a LONG and indirect response, and I am sorry for that. Short answer for me? Prior to EVERY shoot.

      The rest of the answer in shortform is (regarding the GL2 anyway) if you cannot regard your cameras as replaceable tools that eventually will wear out, then run a cleaner ONLY when your trusty little Canon gives you a dirty head warning. I wouldn’t want that to happen in the middle of something I can’t easily put on hold while I run a head cleaner through my camera though.

      On the other hand? I’ve had my GL2s give me dirty head warnings only a few minutes AFTER I’ve done my “prior to every shoot” routine. Erp…

Viewing 1 reply thread
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