Using 2 Canon t3i’s in a studio type Environment-help?

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      Thanks for anyone that responds.

      Hi guys,

      We want to setup 2 Canon t3i’s in a small studio environment.

      I’m just a little confused on how to record/switch live?

      We want to be able to cut back and forth live from cam1 and cam2 and have it record to a desktop or laptop.

      How can we achieve this? Any other recommendations or tips/ideas?


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      Checkout one of these:

      Wirecast –

      VIDBlaster –

      I have loaded up VIDBlaster’s fully functional trial version (they put their logo on the screen until you purchase). This product is pretty good right out of the box I was up and running with a 7D and XF100 as my video feeds in a matter of minutes.

      Both products let you do what you want to do.

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      Would we use an HMDI switcher of some sort?? Would this also do audio?

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