Used XL-1’s from B&H, need your opinion.

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      I noticed that on B&H Photo there are a bunch of used XL-1’s for sale. I am feel pretty good about buying something used from B&H, and I was thinking of getting one as a backup camera. The question I have is would you guys get a used XL-1 for a backup camera? Or would you buy a new GL-2 for the same price. I understand that theXL-1’s have some years on them, and anything could go at any time, even if they are tested by B&H.

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      Someone told me and I think it might be true, that the GL’s and XL Canon models have the same chip set, meaning the picture will look about the same. I would say the biggest con about the GL models is that the sound is terrible and the sound on the XL is better especially since it comes with a stereo shotgun and the sound is fully customizable with levels and balance for up to two mics at a time. The con about the XL however is that it doesn’t have an LCD screen so you have to look through the eye-piece. I purchased an XL 1 off ebay and love it. I use the XL1 for my own stuff and use the GL at my film school. Bottom line both cameras are decent, but I think it depends on what is more important to you, sound or being able to see your footage on a small screen.

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      I haven’t used the GLs before, but I have used the XL1s quite a bit at Syracuse University. The quality of video and audio on the XL1s is very good. The only thing about the XL1s is that they have a relatively steep learning curve; it’s somewhattricky to learn to use them well if you have never used them before. Personally, I wouldn’t discourage you from buying a used XL1, especially if you have some experience using one.

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      I use a GL2, XL2, and several XL1s. All are good cameras. The GL2 and XL2 match very well in color and white balance so a two camera shoot will need very little color correction to match the cameras in post. I have the Beachtek adapter so I can use XLR cables. I do not use the built in mic on the GL2, I always use an AT shotgun mic for on camera audio. The GL2 will shoot in 16×9 had has a “frame” mode sort of a 30p look. I do a lot of documentary productions with field work on islands, wilderness trails, mountains, etc. I can pack in my GL2 to places I could never take my XL2

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      I just purchased the xl1s, and I love it. My choices were between Xl1s and the GL2: I chose the Xl1s because it just appears more professional. Also, I purchased the 7″video monitor from video4u: man, it’s awesome; it’s a show stoper mo matter what im doing! I just need lighting tips,and plugins for video appearance..I’m new to the film world and am starving for knowledge.

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      My company has had an XL1-s on hand since ’02. Its a great camera andwe’ve used it to shoot shorts, features, corporate video and stuff for theatrical release.We initally ‘tricked it out’ with an MA-200 audio adapter to add 4-channel audio (which works but audio has to be converted from 32 to 48kHz.) The benefit of the MA-200 is it turns the XL1-s from a ‘buzzsaw’ to an actual shoulder mountable camera. We also invested in the different lenses which makes it a truly versatile rig. I’ve used the GL2 and it makes a great ‘crash camera’ or when you’re working in spaces that are too tight for larger rigs. My choice would be XL1-s primary and GL2 as backup. The question you need to ask yourself is; Will the XL1-s or GL2 allow me to produce compatible imagery? The reason I mention it is if you’re doing stuff for the web, a progressive scan capable camera like the XL2 or GL2is your better bet if cost is your main issue. DV though still viable is rapidly getting replaced by the many flavors of HD. So, depending on whatthe plans arefor your imageryyou should consider how the camera you choose will fit with your long-term goals.

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