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      Hello all,

      I have a sony trv140 and it doesn’t have audio inputs. I have been reading about external mics and would like to get a wirless and a boom mic. How would i use these with my video ? Wouldn’t it be too much work to try and sync up the audio and video, especially if i have a lot of footage. Also if i did do this would i just record it to a tape.

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      A mic input is a basic requirement when purchasing a camcorder. I looked up the specs and at first thought you do have inputs, but upon further review it appears that you only have output.

      So what to do? Best solution would be to see what you can get for it on ebay and buy something else. However, that presumes you have the $$ to do so. If there’s any way you can come up with some extra cash, this really is what you should do if you’re serious about good audio. Since you mentioned getting a wireless system and boom mic, it does seem that you want improvement. But there really isn’t any practical solution other than to bite the bullet and get a better camcorder. You won’t regret it.

      Now if you’re really handy and have the skill, it is possible to convert your built-in mics into a mic input. Some basic Radio Shack parts will do it. The problem is that you will have pretty much destroyed any resale value for the camcorder, and you’ll have a funky system.

      As far as taping the audio separately and then synching, yes of course that is possible and this is exactly what many pros do all the time. But they are using multi-track digital recorders that cost thousands of dollars. Even a low-end one will still cost aprox.$500.

      Now you can use an good analog tape recorder, but there are problems with this. First of all it’s analog. Most camcorders have better audio. Second, there’s an inherent problem with using any sort of tape media in that there is always some sort of stretching. It’s unnoticable to the ear, but synching becomes a problem. Let’s say you’ve got the first 30 seconds matched up perfectly, but after 5, 10 or 15 minutes, it’s no longer going to be synched. Now this is NOT a problem unless you have lips moving. It can still be done with certain programs that allow you to stretch or shrink your video/audio, but is is a lot of work. So you can see why a new camcorder with a mic input is the best choice.

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