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      I’ve just switched to Media Composer on my PC, and i’m having huge problems with my new Mic.
      i’ve just brought the Editors Keys SL300 USB Microphone :

      But, I can’t get Media composer to see or record with the microphone? What am I doing wrong?
      Its a great mic, and works fine in anything else such as Cubase, however I’ve chosen it as the record input on windows mixer, but can someone run through the steps of getting the mic to work with Media Composer. (I don’t have the latest version of media composer?)

      Please help you will be a life saver!

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      First thought, go to the Avid website and look at their support downloads. Match up you version and OS and download/install and patches and/or updates. then try it and see if it works with the mic.

      Second thought, does the setup option allow you to select input and output devices? You just might need to match them up with what you are using (example; it might beset to workwith digital device and you need to select the analog ones or vice-versa0.

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      Grinner Hester

      You’ll need to record in a differnt app or run an XLR mic through your mixer and into your BOB. You can then record with deck control tuned off.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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