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      Hi, I am an average consumer with a Canon Vixia HF10. I use it to record extreme sports mostly, but I also document everything, and I am sick of using the built-in mic. I have a very lowbudget, so I can’t go out and buy these crazy set-ups. I have a USB microphone (from the video game, Rock Band, laugh all you want) and it works great on a computer, so would it work with my Canon, if I found a way to connect them? do they make an adapter for female USB to male3.5″ jack? This might be a dumb question, but any help would be appreciated. thanks!.

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      No. USB mics are digitalwhereas thecamcorder mic input is analog.

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      There’s probably one out there somewhere, but you’ll ending up spending more for the “adapter” (all I’ve found is transformer boxes) then you would for a fairly high-quality microphone.

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      I think you should try out an inexpensive stereo microphone that mounts to your camcorder.

      The least expensive stereo mic I have tried that actually worked is the Audio Technica ATR-6250 it uses a AA battery and comes with a shoe mount and mini-jack for your camcorder.

      B&H Photo has them for $33.00

      Even better is the Audio TechnicaPro 24-CM which sounds great. Also connects easily to your camcorder, but uses an LR44 button style battery.

      B&H Photo has these mics for $58.50

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      I checked out the latter of the 2, and it seems to fit my needs quite nicely. The price isn’t bad either! haha. I’ll probably order one soon. Thanks a lot πŸ˜€

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