USB 2.0 vs Firewire

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      I’m a little nervous about trusting a USB2.0 transfer. I suspect it is going to drop frames, glitch, or get the audio out of sync, or some other annoying thing. But since I don’t really know what I am talking about, over to you guys…. which do you think is best and why? And am I really going to suffer if I use a USB input?

      Reason for question: Getting harder to find devices that are not cameras that have Firewire output

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      If you are just transfering files USB is okay. It is slowerthan firewire but will get the job done.

      Now if you are steaming video, live or playback, with USB you do run the risk of dropped frames etc. Firewire is your freind here.

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      The difference between firewire and USB is that firewire transfers data in a steady stream, while USB transfers data in bursts or packets. If you’re transferring video clips from a camera that uses some form of solid state media, there’s no difference between using firewire and USB, except for the fact that firewire will transfer faster.

      Crafters is correct, but dropped frames isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s not destroying your video clips or anything. It just simply means your computer wasn’t able to read the data fast enough from the USB device. Dropped frames is more annoying than it is damaging.

      At the end of the day though, choose firewire over USB.

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      OK thanks guys. You pretty much confirmed my suspicions. But I am having trouble finding a device for the job.

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      What are you looking for, a firewire hard drive? How can you NOT find one? They’re everywhere.

      I recommend a G-Tech G-RAID. Get 2 – one to work off of, and another as your backup.

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