USB 2 Hi-Speed vs. Firewire

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      Hello, I’m about to venture into the world of video editing, and have a few questions for all of you "smart" guys.

      Just to let you know. All of my video was shot on a Panasonic PVGS-35 miniDV camcorder, using Panasonic pro quality 33 minute tapes. So, as you can see, I’m not using the most expensive "Pro" equipment you can buy. I’m happy with my little camera though. It’s perfect for my hobby of videoing wildlife. It’s possible I may upgrade in the future, but as of now, I’m just having fun. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

      Before I get started, I have two questions about the following;

      My camera came with a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed cable. Or I may buy a DV Interface Cable (i.LINK) (4-pin to 4-pin) to use for editing.

      My questions regarding this are;

      1. Does one offer better quality over the other?

      2. If it is best to use a DV cable, does the brand really matter or should they all be about the same? Any particular one you would recommend for me?

      I certainly appreciate your help and thank you for your time in reading my post.

      Thanks to all and please take care

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      on paper usb2 appears faster (480mbps) vs firewire 400’s 400 mbps.
      however firewire flat out smokes usb2.
      firewire 800 is faster still
      sata is probably fastest.

      get what you payfor with cables, like everything else in life…more $$=better quality to a point, after which you may wind up paying more for the name (I for one find Monster Cables to be a little overpriced)

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      Firewire, Ilink, 1394 400 mbps
      USB 2.0 480 mbps

      For 80 mbps I don’t think I’d go to any extra trouble for that.
      It’s speed not quality.

      Your video won’t look worst but it may take an extra second or two to load. Maybe.

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      the key to the speed in the firewire lies in the controllers, which are built into them (oxford blah blah blah chipsets). where as usb 2 needs the cpu to controll the data flow. therefore the more usb2 devices you attach, the more they tax your cpu, and all the devices will slow down.

      I like to compare it to traffic flow on an eight lane highway. Outside the city, the traffic getts on and off the highway by merging ramps (firewire, fast and little impedence). Inside the city, the lanes are broken up with traffic lights, causing congestion and traffic jams(usb2).

      same, amount of lanes, but one has better flow.

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