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      I will become a High school graduate soon, and planning to join the Marine as PFC, their pay grade is around $1200, I’m estimating that is after all the taxes and such. I estimated that if I serve 3 years I will maybe save up $43,200. I want to attend to at least a decent film school, but so far I haven’t found any good information on military benefit from the school that I want to go into. Is there any military benefit from school such as USC school of cinematic art or NYU?

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      You might ask a Marine recruiter about photography training in the military. When I was in the Navy (many years ago), I attended the Navy’s Photography “A” School. Both sailors and marines were in my class. Another class in the same facility was MOPIC “C” School, where they taught motion picture work. Of course, things might have changed over the years, but it wouldn’t hurt to talk with a recruiter.

      I think educational benefits for veterans have changed since I was in, so I can’t give you current info about that. As far as film schools outside of the military, USC and UCLA used to be the places to go. But other schools now have film curricula (I studied TV/Film at San Diego State University). Also check out Brooks Institute (in California) or Full Sail (in Florida).

      Good luck!

      Ken Hull

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      Better yet, ask about going in as a videographer. I have a friend who is a Marine and he is a combat videographer. He had to spend a year at Syracuse Univerty’s film school. That would be something to ask about. Hope this helps.


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      Also ask about the Armed Forces Network.

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      Hello Trit,

      When you join the military you can receive the Montgomery GI Bill. On active duty, I believe you must pay $100.00 a month for twelve months to qualify for that program. You use that money once you have completed your enlistment. There is also TA – tuition assistance. Another good program that is available to you as well. Ask you recruiter for “specifics” on how those programs work. Each branch is different, I highly recommend you check them all out before you make a decision.

      Most branches have videography and still photography jobs. Iwas a recruiter for the Air Force Reserve and we have those jobs as well. BTW, as long as theschool you select is “accredited” you may use your GI Bill and TA.

      There is a joint technical school for vid and if I remember correctly it’s out of Ft Meade, Maryland.



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      Thankyou all for all ofyour advices, I appreciate it. I have sat down with my seargeant, and he said thereare jobs available, that iswithin the media field. I have decided that I want to be a combat photographer, and I will be in the “Delay Entry Program” that they offer me, hopefully I’ll score high in the ASVAB to get the job I want,so I’m hoping when I get out I will get all the education, and experience I need to be able to apply to the film school I wanted to go to. Thankyou all very much for all of your reply.

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      Congradulations! That sounds like a really good way to go. I hope it all works out for you.

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      After the Marines, do you plan to open a business or work for someone else?

      p.s. Semper Fi!

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