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      Hi everyone,

      I have a really urgent question that I’m hoping someone in the know can answer – it concerns exporting PAL 16:9 video (with audio) from FCP, in such a format/compression that is acceptable for UK broadcast.

      I have recently started a video production business, and we’ve just been asked (at short notice) to film & export footage for broadcast on regional news in the UK (it only broadcasts in SD – so we’ve filmed in SD. It’s going out on the BBC and ITV). It was filmed on a Canon XH-A1s, and the audio was recorded with a Rode NTG-2. We’ve got it all shot, captured and edited, and we now need to render it out.

      Thing is, we’re faced with so many compression options, we don’t know which one to choose! We’ve only ever really used H.264 .mov for web/YouTube videos, so we’re totally new to the concept of exporting for broadcast. I assume it needs to be as uncompressed/high quality as possible? Or is there something totally different I should be thinking about?

      If someone can please do me a huge favour by providing the correct export settings for this situation, I would love you forever. Also, would the same principle apply if the footage is in HD, or would it require different settings?

      Many, many thanks in advance.

      – Josh.

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