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      Ok so iv shot my footage(hv40). Does the device i use to upload make a difference in quality? Iv gotten 2 stories, some say yes, some say no.

      My question is once shot on my hv40 does it matter how i upload it to the computer? I have a older minidv camera, non HD, just a old jvc, can i upload from that so as not to put the wear on my hv40? Or how do i need to upload to ensure quality?

      I know this is a total newbie type question but id rather ask now and have a good video than not and have a crap video lol, Thanks

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      If you shot in HD you will need to use the HV40. A SD camera will not support theHD transfer. It will work the other way around though if the HD camera has an SD option and the HV40 does.

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      To just add to what WSanford said above, because prices are coming down, you may be able to find an HV20 or 30 for cheap to use as a dedicated ‘ingest deck’.

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      Cool thanks alot . so the only separation is SD and HD correct? i could use my cheap jvc deck to upload tape shot on a xl2 then and not compromise quality?

      I’m thinking about going to a hf m40 also and getting away form tapes but not sure yet.

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