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      i have been recently trying to find out the secret to upload video to youtube and get them to look clean an clear like a music videos for Eminem or LilWayne etc the quality for their video is like perfect an i try an try an try over an over with all kind of settings and still cant get it could anybody tell me the secret on how to do it r what settings to use or what pluggin or program to use make my music video look as clean an clear as there video pleeease and thanks in advance

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Actually the “clean and clear look” is not necessarily the video format, is the quality of their cameras, lighting and production in general. In my experience the best format for Youtube is H.264, but if you don’t take into consideration the production phases and the quality of your equipment you will never get that kind of quality. The real secret to make your video look like perfect is to have a detailed plan (Pre-Production), making the most out of your recording by using lights, interesting camera angles, etc (Production) and finally edit your video in such a fantastic way that it look twice as awesome (Post Production).

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      I found that uploading 1080p produces the best “look” of my work, but man it takes a long time when you live at the end of the DSL circuit.  Because of this I tried 720P and finally settled on 480p, but am not happy with the quality, though adequate for the audience (church members catching a service they missed).  I do think the uploaded format makes a difference.  I found that if I uploaded .mov files the upload was faster and the conversion was fast and the quality is great at 720 or 1080.  This is coming from a Sony consumer camcorder.

      That said… what SargeHero said was very true.  Garbage In, Garbage Out.  The big time players have some big time equipment.


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