upgrading notebook for hd video editing

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      hey thanks for checking out my post. i will be upgrading to two panasonic hd videocameras in a matter of weeks and recently found out i will need a powerful enough computer for the videos. if i give you the specs on the computer i have now can you tell me what upgrades i could get instead of purchasing another computer. here’s the specs http://www.dealtime.com/xPF-Sony_VGNFJ270B_Notebook_PC i have had the ram upgraded to 2gb and a dual core processer. recommend any more changes???

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      I do not mean to rain on your parade, but most software manufacturers require about a 2.8 GHz processor for HD. Also, for HD you want to pack as much RAM as you can into the machine. (If it will take 4, get 4).

      Laptops are very difficult to upgrade. Does it need to be a laptop? You can get a desktop that will handle HD for a lot less money.


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      You might want to look into external hard-drive(s) as well. 100GB HD will not have much space after OS and programs, not tomention the space you need for working files and project files.

      IMHO this might work for you in the field as a transfer PC for offloading video files to an external HDas needed on a shoot. It is woefully weak for the current low end NLE software out there

      Read carefully the system requirements of your NLE software and keep in mind that with HDthe minimum requirements (most based on SD video editing)will be painful at best. Pay close attention to requirements like HD editing, Non-proxy editing or Native editing as theywill have needs above the minimum requirements and still be below optimal.

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