upgrading macbook hard drive -HELP

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      I know this isn’t a mac site, but I have a macbook and i just bought new hard drive I want to put in it

      I also bought a hard drive enclosure http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000PKC102 to put my old hard drive into basically to use it as a flash drive. HELP!

      What do I have to do to get the new one to work?
      Do I Just put it in and install the disks that came with the lap top and its ready to go?

      (See if you can wrap your brain around this one) What if I put my new h.d. in the drive enclosure (aka flash drive), plugged it in -just as if it were any other flash drive- , drag everything onto it from my old hard drive, then just install the new H.D. into the macbook? Its probably not that easy though.

      Say I take out the old hard drive, then for whatever reason I need to put it back in- will it have to be re installed or anything?

      Any advice regarding this topic would be great

      Thanks a bunch

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      get a copy of ccc (carbon copy cloner)

      clone your internal drive to youe external drive, then if you must (why is a little beyond me right now…lol) swap the drives.

      that easy.

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      Also, check out http://www.macworld.com – they have articles on the web regarding installation and repurposing of laptop hard drives.

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