Upgrading from ZR500 — need Firewire, Mic Input

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      I’m reasonably pleased with my Canon ZR500, but am considering an upgrade before a project that begins next month. I don’t really need HD, but would like better picture quality and especially better sound. I got the ZR500 because it has a microphone input, which I now consider a necessity (I’m doing mostly interviews, so clear audio is critical). Because my project integrates a computer recording the interviews in real-time, I also absolutely need Firewire.

      I would think that find a better camera with microphone input and firewire would be easy, but it hasn’t been. I’m surprised how few camcorders have that option. In fact, I think Canon’s new ZR800 line only offers microphone input on the low-end model, not the 830 or 850.

      I’m consider upgrading to the ZR800, but can’t really tell how much of an upgrade that really is (in part because although newer, it’s still pretty inexpensive). I wouldn’t mind spending $300 – $400 for a real upgrade, but again have found it difficult to find a video camera with both microphone input and Firewire.

      Any suggestions, either for another camera or thoughts on upgrading the ZR500 to the ZR800?

      Thanks in advance,


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      Or rather, instead of the ZR800, the ZR930.

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