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      I have been creating underwater videos using mini-dv and Premiere 6.0 for a long time. I was thinking of upgrading the camera to Sony HDR-200v with hard drive. I will be getting a new desktop and want to make sure I have the needed specs but not spend more than I have to. What will I need to make the jump to HD. I don’t need to burn the disks in HD but use regular DVD. Is that possible and what will I need to make that happen? This changefeels like a complete makeover.

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      If you want a good editing experience without the software always stuttering and freezing, you should definitely not go with something cheap. Anyway, what is your budget? Dell is the brand I use, which has high-end and low-end systems ranging from $300 – $5,000.

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      I was looking at the Dell XPS studio with the core i7 for about $850. Someone today told me that for video, the Mac with Final Cut would be the way to go. I have not used a Mac. Would like to stay in the $1000 range.

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      Cineform makes a codec called NeoScene that is specifically designed for AVCHD usage. It converts .MTS files to .avi files, which are very easy for even a slow, older computer to edit. It also restores Chroma. It costs about $120.00. So it might be possible to continue to use your old computer.

      For example, it uncompressed my footage about seven times:

      [File] 00000 AVI416,200 KB

      [File] 00000 MPEG TS File 62,358 KB

      So that explains why it is so much easier to edit, is that the processor has to do seven times less work real time during editing.

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