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      Currently our video switcher feeds a s-vhs signal to a svhs vtr. From there I capture the analog tape signal and record it to a laptop hard drive, edit it with Pinnacle studio plus and burn the 60 min program to dvd. I would like to skip laying it down to svhs tape and go directly from svhs from the switcher (stuck with the analog signal for now) and record directly to mpeg-2 to a stand alone hard drive or dvd recorder.
      Any thoughts of brand and type of stand alone hard drive/dvd recorder to use? It would have to firewire to the lap top.

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      I am pulling a feed right off our Videonics mixer. The DVD Direct costs about $260 and will burn and finalize a DVD for you on the fly. It is quite small and takes, Firewire, RCA, or S-Video input. It is a Peachy little box. An interesting little feature is the 2inch LCD window on the top. You can see what you’re burning. Check it out on the Sony site. I’ve found them as low as $160 on the Bay. Our TD is burning copies from the Direct on his duplicator with no problem. You can also burn directly from a camera feed! I love these little boxes!

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