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      Hi Guys:

      I got Pinnacle Quickstart 9.0 and afterwards I upgraded to Stidio 9.0.

      After using it, I have bought some libraries (Weddings transitions, Family transitions, MPEG-2 codec).

      I have had some crushes while handling some videos that I converted from 3gp (from a panasonic mobile) to mpeg πŸ™

      I have checked for updates, but it seems that my next step should be to upgrade to studio plus 10 titanium edition. Do you know if with this, the crashes will be reduced? If I upgrade, will I keep acces to the "libraries" I have bought for studio 9.0?

      would you rather buy Sony Vegas?

      Thanks a lot in advance for your help!!

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      Pinnacle has got to be the most unreliable editing program out there.

      If you switch to basically any other editing program, you will have nearly no (or none at all) crashes.

      Don’t upgrade – switch!

      Vegas should have the MPEG-2 codec already – you don’t have to buy or unlock the basic right to make a DVD.

      I am pretty sure that you will be unable to use the transitions, however.

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      Rather than Vegas, I would say to move up to Liquid Pro. It is around the same price, and Pinnacle offers discounts for upgrading. Liquid is fully professional and is a natural progression. It has internal DVD authoring (with a wizard for us dummies), great audio handling including stereo and 5.1 surround, ADR/Foley, etc., handles mixed formats on the timeline, and is a piece of cake to export/archive and then later restore.

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      Thanks a lot for your suggestion Fred!

      Do you know if Liquid in Liquid can be used transitions bought for Studio?

      Kind regards

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      Liquid will import quite a bit from Studio. Not ever having used Studio, I do not know the full extent. I believe there are some FAQ’s over at the Pinnacle/Liquid website that address that issue.

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      I have Studio 10.7 Titanium. DO NOT get it. I am planning on upgrading to Adobe Premiere CS3.

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