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      I have a friend in the business that does weddings, “me I run from them. anyway his client has made a unusual request, they would like him to film their wedding night for their own personal wedding DVD. of course this will not be the one they give out to family. he doesnt want to do it and he has offered that part of the job to me.

      The job is located in Florida and my question is, is it legal

      Do I need some special licenses or something?

      I spoke with the couple and this is just for their personal use it will not be made publicly available and it will not be sold.

      Any thoughts?

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      Are you saying “film the honeymoon” or the wedding itself?

      If it is the honeymoon, and they give permission then it is not illegal. Might be weird, but not illegal. πŸ™‚

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      Oh no, I refuse to film weddings you can never please the brides mother. They are talking about the wedding night. if anyone would see it it would be called XXX. Never done this type work before, I have heard that people who make porno needs a licences but i am not sure if this applys here.

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      The administrative and record-keeping rules only apply to *producers* of porn – I.E. those who make porn for sale. You’re just a family friend doing them a favor since they won’t have a free hand to hold the camera.

      Need help?

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      yes, but i am being paided for the job. does that matter?

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      hahahaha, that’s funny. Just do it. I doubt anything bad could come out of it. Get a contract or something so that you have proof they gave their permission.

      you should get a lot of money for that too…

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      Not my first job I have contracts, I just do not know if it is legal to do it for pay without a special licences. No way i’m going to do it for free, not really inerested in it. they interviewed people willing to do it for free but said they was a little to egar, “pervert types” to me it’s just another shoot. I’m charging my normal rate, nothing special just another job. but it’s not worth it if i am going to end up fined or imprisoned.

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      Im sure its just like when a childs parent tells them that they can have $10 if they wash the car or do chors round the house.

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      We were hired two years ago to cover the couple’s honeymoon in Hawaii. They wanted us to be “on the plane with them, documenting their relationship from boarding to arrival, to departure. We were required to be with them for the first 36 hours – yes, there were two of us – and we were able to do this, trading off so one or the other could rest between takes. We shot pretty much constantly, but not the entire 36 hours.

      From about noon on the day after, and two days more, we pretty much documented where they went, what they did, how much they drank, but no more of the consumation stuff, that was ONLY for the first night. They were, however, quite amorous many times anyway, and the groom seemed VERY proud of his bride, willing to show off most of her attributes. She was totally cooperative with his wishes, going above and beyond to please.

      I, being male, was not a part of the consumation scene, that was shot by my female partner.

      We generated and signed a non-disclosure, privacy agreement and turned over the original tapes as they were acquired, the groom signing off upon receipt of each. I have NO idea what the outcome of the marriage, the tapes or anything might be.

      The groom had what he needed to preview the footage as received, and he was very complimentary of our abilities, and professional decorum, on the plane back. We were, obviously, included in pretty much everything that transpired, and got a number of referrals from other members of the bridal party, friends and family.

      Nobody seemed to think any of this was weird. I sure do wish we’d been able to keep SOMETHING, even if NOT the consumation part, to reflect this – our largest and most envolved wedding video production ever.

      Yes, if you were in the Beautiful People scene in and around Southern California, you’d likely recognize the names and faces.

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      Probably want to get paid first though. πŸ™‚

      No there is no license or need for anything special. Just documentation they gave permission beforehand. Don’t keep any of the footage. Even the raw footage, give it to them. You will not ever get accused of uploading it to the net and they have every moment.

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      When I sit down and talk with the couple I ussually let them know that the consumation part of the sermon is free. Really, I just like to see the expression on theirfaces. I don’t actually advocate doing it. But, itsurprising howfew people even know what the word “consumation” even means.

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      Thanks guys, your advice was helpful. already have the contract, release, and non disclousers. plus the couple will be providing the mini dv tapes and a laptop for editing and burning the dvd that will be done onsite. I’m renting a mini dv cam that does not have a hard drive my JVC HD7 won’t do. so there will be no way i can be accused of keeping anything. also i have a female friend that will be in the other room with the door open for my protection. she’ll hear whats going on but won’t see. seems all bases are covered what do you think, anything else i missed?

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      Silly as it sounds, I would speak to the couple to see what “turns them on” and have a script written that plays to that – Just to make sure they are thrilled with the final result – You don’t want it to be a tripod home porno (which are very boring).

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      They are boring Birdcat??? How do YOU know!?!? LOL hehehehe

      I know, you’ve “heard” they are boring, right???



      Just joshin’ ya buddy!



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      Actually Jay – Won’t say who was in it but it was a very long time ago (the 80’s) – lets just say things would be a lot different today – cameras have auto white balance, lower light capabilities, better autofocus….. However, a tripod porno is still a tripod porno, and yes, they are very boring (as well as very silly looking). Take a look at “A Night In Paris” if you have any doubts….

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      Birdcat you just dated yourself

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      I’ve said for the longest time that I’m old!

      My first video camera (note – not a camcorder) was an RCA model that was revolutionary at the time – No tubes, had a MOS imager (one of the first) and the first consumer color viewfinder. It was huge (shoulder mount). Cost me over $1,400 then for the demo unit! And that is without the VCR you needed to lug around plus batteries and all sorts of stuff – this was around 1983-1985. If you wanna talk photography, got my first camera in 1960! (I was six).

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      Yikes, that’s scarry old πŸ™‚

      I graduated from high school in 1985

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      I think if you are filming the porn in the privacy of their own home and it’s not going to be sold, then just take the money and film it… If it’s in the NYC area I’ll do it for ya for the extra dough

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      That’s not the most unusual wedding request….

      The last time I worked a wedding alone….

      Now I always bring a female assistant….

      I once had a bride, before the ceremony…..

      While photographing the wedding dress, and final touches on the makeup at the brides house…

      I once had a bride ask me to help her out on her one last fling before tying the knot….

      I declined, but never agreed to do those “At the Brides house” photos alone since….

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      It's doubtful that this is legal.  And, even if it is, there could be other harmful ramifications.  If the word gets out that you are filming what amounts to adult entertainment, how will that affect your business reputation. 



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