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      Is it possible to unlink the audio from the video fora specific clip? I understand you can unlink all the audio tracks from all the video tracks for the entire project, but there seems to be no way to unlink the audio from the video for a single clip.

      Sometimes I need to speed up part of a clip, but I don’t want to speed up the audio. In Adobe Premiered Elements, this is easy to do. I just split the clip before and after the part I want to speed up, unlink the audio from the video in just that subclip, speed up the video track, and crop the audio track to match the new length. Then I group them so they stay linked if I move the clip later. And all the other video and audio in the project is unaffected.

      I actually do this quite frequently, for example,to speed up a slow pan. And sometimes I want to edit out an abrupt incongruous noise in the audio track, but not interrupt the continuity of the video track.

      It seems strange that there is no way to do this in Vegas without unlinking all the audio and video tracks in the entire project.

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      Just right-click on the event, select group – ungroup.

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      Thank you, Steve. Is there a way to render clips in the editor, like you can do in Premiere Elements with Render Timeline? I set the video quality to “Full,” but it still looks terribly grainy, and I can’t see the details well enough to do color correction or even oprimize the transitions.

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      Look in the help file for RAM preview.

      BUT! You cannot depend on ANY consumer LCD display for accurate color or brightness/contrast information. No consumer LCD display can be accurately calibrated because black is an illusion, white depends on the color of the backlight and contrast depends on the viewing angle.

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      hit Ctrl+Shft+U (talking about your original question)

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