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      Hi all,

      I’ve recently joined as I’m a student undertaking a post pro course. I’ve been set an assignment and I’m finding it all a bit daunting. The project is to deliver a professional Edit suite for 50,000 budget (fictional of course!). I’m thinking of going down the MC6 route but when I started to look at hardware it all got a bit confusing. For example, when do you need a capture card as opposed to simply capturing from camera to computer via say firewire? What benefit does a Nitris or other card add to the system and is it necessary? There are a lot of abbreviations when I’m looking at the different hardware options and I’m a little unsure of what it is I’m looking at.

      Ultimately I was going to design my suite to edit for tape-less footage, preferably offering stereoscopic functionality. Can anyone help/advise?


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