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      I was reading about 4K resolution and a question popped up on how increased resolution affects field of view. For example. as compared to 1920 by 1080, the 4K is four times larger…but does this mean that it is capturing a larger view through the lens, or is the view the same just that much more detailed? It seems like I am hearing both from what I read. Is it cramming more pixels into the same view?

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      That’s a great question. I have seen in movies behind the scenes that directors monitors have a “safe area” for HD, 2K and 4K.From my understanding (everyone correct me if I’m wrong) you are capturing a more detailed image because you have more pixels and larger sensors in the camera. As for “capturing a larger view through the lens”(from my understanding) that depends on what type oflens you use for the camera. If you use a wide angle lens you will have more field of view, but you are still recording in the same pixels.

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