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      I’m trying to find the best quality wireless lav receiver and transmitter for under $500. Any chance?

      Please send links. So far my research on this has had me in circles.

      I’ll be doing everything from yoga dvd videos, to interviews, to commercials, etc. I’ll need to use both at once.


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      For TWO? I’m not sure how GREAT of a quality you’ll come up with, but your choices are among SONY, Samson, Azden … or possibly consideration of cheaper wireless brands like Radio Shack in conjunction with using ZOOM standalone recorders to actually RECEIVE the signals. You’ll need separate channels, obviously, if wanting to use them together in one location.

      The price starts escalating when you insist on using two simultaneously because you’re probably going to need something in the true diversity arena and that costs probably MORE for even ONE than your stated budget for two.

      ONE of my Azden units alone cost way more than your stated budget for two (I purchased two) and my SONY UWP-V6 system cost me around $800-$900 for just one. Both systems are built like tanks and serve up quality.

      I’ve used cheaper Samson and Radio Shack models but have been seriously unhappy with the results … and WAY too much signal corruption.

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      i figured… ok, so what if I just get one, i want a tank for sure, if I put $500 towards one set up, any suggestions?

      I’m also very tempted to get one of the wireless systems, as they seem cheaper, for what I’m doing I could easily bring my small mixer and connect this to that. Maybe I can get one of these that’s a tank for much cheaper, and then down the road, get a transmitter receiver one for $600 like you suggest.

      Any thoughts?

      NOTE: I don’t shoot weddings (at this point), I shoot mostly stationary shoots, so I don’t need to worry too much about the portability factor… again, at this point.


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      I have this system:


      It’s within your budget and while not long range, the sound quality is excellent and works for short distances.

      You get both a lav and handheld mic (along with one transmitter and one receiver), but they can only be used one at a time, not simultaneously.

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      Shaun, there is a great tutorial on this topic at B&H:http://www.bhphotovideo.com/find/newsLetter/MultipleWirelesssMics.jsp

      Of course, most of the links are to B&H products – which is OK, since they’re great folks .

      In the tutorial, they describe an Azden VHF 2 mic wireless solution, the WR22-PRO, but Azden seems to have discontinued it in favor of their more expensive (and more capable) UHF 2 mic systems (like the $730 330ULT). Personally, I have an Azden VHF one mic system, the $160 WMS PRO, which works very well for me.

      The B&H tutorial shows you how to lash up a couple of separate receivers with multiple cold shoe adapters on your camcorder – which may be an affordable solution, as long as you’re OK with VHF.

      Hope this is helpful,


      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      Sony makes a consumer grade wireless mic, Sony WCS-999 and sells for $100 at B&H. This is not pro, is made of plastic,and has limited range, and only has 1/8 inch mini plug, but for the price ( $200/pair) you might want to consider it if you work within it’s limitations. The battery life is great (a single AA in the transmitter and the same in the receiver) and each unit has 3 selectable channels so using 2 at once is no problem, but the 900mhz frequency means you might get interference from portable phones etc. The range is only good up to about 30 ft. and it works best if the transmitter is facing the camera ie. mounted on the front of the person and not their backside. I used a pair on a low-budget half-hour television pilot and had no major issues. All the recordings were made outdoors in wilderness areasfar from electrical interference and ended up with decent sound. I’ll admit these littleSony unitsare not as rugged or reliable as my Sennheiser EW100, but they are only 1/8 the cost.Everyone has to start somewhere.Sometimes it’s not always about having the best or most expensive, but learning to workartistically with what you can afford.


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      Thanks, Shaun – you gave me the incentive to do the research on how to get two separate wireless mics into my camera. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time, but, like you, I’ve been stymied by the high cost of the UHF solution. With another $160 WMS-PRO added to one I’ve already got, a $9 Adorama C bracket to mount the receivers, and a $43 Azden on-camera mixer, I can set the 2 wireless mics to different frequencies, put them on the talent and feed both tracks into the camera for a total of $372.



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      Woah, these are all excellent ideas. I’m going to chew on this a bit and decide what’s the best fit. I currently have 2 wireless mics but they’re aren’t reliable, so I’m not really feeling the going the ‘inexpensive’ way as that’s what I have now and troubleshooting sux. I might be leaning towards the $500 for one that’s a tank and reliable.

      So with that in mind.. what’s the BEST wireless mic transmitter/receiver kit out there for $500 or less.

      So far we’ve heard about The Azden105ULH… any others?

      What do you all use?

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      In your price range, the choices are pretty much:

      Sennheiser G2 – 1 left for ~$581 at Amazon

      Sony UHF – $468

      Azden UHF –1 left for ~$330 at Amazon

      Samson Airline Micro UHF – $299(nice review comparing the Samson to the Sennheiserhere)

      I am a big fan of Azden – I own their products and they have never let me down – but the Samson seems to be a good value for the money.

      Good luck – hope this was helpful,


      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      I bit the bullet and got the Sony UMP-V1. It’s a beast. Amazing pick up.. used it in a ceremony over easter with multiple speakers, outdoors in high wind and this thing did amazing. SO worth the extra beans.

      I didn’t even have the dead cat wind screen on it… i did have some post work to do to clean it up a tad, but still.. so easy to use. I’m going to eventually get a 2nd, but for $500 each.. that’ll have to wait a while..

      now a good field recorder… any thoughts? Got another thread going here: http://www.videomaker.com/community/forums/topic/field-mixer


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