Uncompressed Capture on Vegas 9.0?

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      Does Sony Vegas support any uncompressed capture devices with Vegas 9.0? Matrox MX.O2, BMD, AJA, anyone? When I check them out, they all seem compatible with Premiere and FCP, but not Vegas.

      Iam selling my HDV cameras, becauseI want the full HD spec. However,it appears that uncompressed capture is much superior to compressed (post compression) capture. Apparently full AVCHD is better than HDV, butnot all AVCHD cameras have the same bitrate. The following article shows howsome AVCHD cameras have too low a bitrate, making theoverall quality less than HDV.

      <span style=”font-size: 12pt;”><span style=”color: #0000ff;”>http://blogs.zdnet.com/Ou/?p=998</span&gt;<o:p></o:p></span>

      I am looking at Tom Skowronski’s review of the Canon HF S10. Canon boasts 900 lines of resolution. That confuses me. Why are they boasting 900 lines of horizontal resolution when the spec is 1920 x 1080? Should they not be boasting of 1080 lines of resolution? Or what am I missing here?

      To get around the overcompression of AVCHD,they have a sale on theP2-based Panasonic HPX170 this week,for $2,400.00.


      If I sell all of my cameras, I think Icould do that; but Sony does not support the P2 format because of competition with Panasonic. If you ask me, that is outrageous.

      P2 cards are spendy, but one can hook up a Focus FS-100 DTE and have hours of uncompressed record time:


      But once again, I cannot do that, because Sony does not support the P2. Boo. Hiss! It makes me want to convert to a different NLE (seriously).

      My problem is that I am just starting to get a handle on Sony Vegas Pro. I have been learning, but I need to begin editing in earnest soon, and I will not have time to pick up Premiere/CS4 before I have to begin editing. However, I do not want to lose all of my resolution because of overcompression due to AVCHD. So what can I do? The Sony EX1 looks beautiful, but unless they have a similar sale, I cannot touch it right now.

      Apparently one can purchase cards to support uncompressed footage, but they only work with Premiere and FCP. One cannot use P2 card media with Vegas Pro, and I cannot afford an EX1 right now.

      Any of you pros out there have any ideas?

      Thank you,


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      Hi Norman!

      Let me know when you sell your cameras!

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      I don’t know that much about AVCHD I have only missed with it a little bit, but I have read a lot about it in other fourms. What I have learned is the AVCHD is tough to work with in any NLE. I could be wrong but I do not think you can drop just raw uncompressed AVCHD onto a time line and edit I think you have to run it through another program compress it and through that you can change the file format as well and then it will work in Sony Vegas. Even with and EX 1 you have to do something with the video before you drop it on the timeline. As for me until they come up with a better way to deal with AVCHD I will stick to my Vegas 9 and HD cameras and keep on filming pretty much trouble free

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      I know Vegas works with Black Magic’s DeckLink – (see thread here: http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/forums/ShowMessage.asp?ForumID=4&MessageID=657436) and I believe it works with others as well.

      Your best best is going to the official Sony Vegas forums (see above link) and searching there (but don’t get discouraged about the tone of the messages – they can get brutal there).

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      Nobody wants to pay $120.00 for the Cineform NeoScene codec, but it makes it so you can edit HDV or AVCHD on a laptop with ease.

      Right now I am looking into capture cards, so I can capture uncompressed. Check out Henry Olonga’s stuff on Vimeo. Just amazing.



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      Hi Zoob!

      >>Hi Norman!

      Let me know when you sell your cameras!

      I just got this.

      Maybe I did not charge enough? because they both flew out the door.


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      The only thing I have left is the Canon GL2, with about 35 Panasonic DV tapes, a DM-50 shotgun microphone, an MA-300 XLR adapter, a big battery, a hard caseand all original accessories. I sold it for $900.00, but the guy disappeared on me.

      If you want it, I will throw in three anti-stat DV tape racks.

      It is in perfect shape, maybe forty hours of use.


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