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      First time using Premiere Elements 3.0 and everything is going well, except for one problem. I uploaded 4 DV tapes

      from a recent trip. I have edited each tape/file individually and now I want to combine all 4 tapes/files into one

      movie/file. I will then do a little more editing and export to DVD. The problem is that when I create a new project,

      the (PROj) files of the edited tapes are invisible so I can’t add the edited files to the new movie. The original

      AVI files are visible, but I don’t want to add those! Any advice is much appreciated.

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      Maybe you need to render out your editedaudio to AVI instead of importing the projects. You may not me able to import because PROj files are not supported.

      Just a guess. I know nothing about Premiere, but rendering your edited stuff usually helps.Then import the edited stuff. Just remember to give it a different name from the original unedited audio so you know which files you want.

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