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      I have Ultra 2 (before the purchase by Adobe) and Iwant to output a clip with the Alpha Channel, in other words, make a clip with the input clip of my subject keyed and the background transparent. The manual gave these steps that I followed directly;

      Set format to Directshow AVI Publisher
      Set codec to Uncompressed
      Click 32-bit Keyed Source

      The background is black when I import to Premiere Pro 2. (It’s still there when I open it in Windows Media player) it looks “squished” in both programs and the audio is off and pops. a 1 min clip is 3.3 gigs which I expected.

      The only difference I see is in step one it says Set format to DirectShow AVI Publisher. I only see DirectShow.avi. (No publisher)I don’t think that’s a problem but I’m not sure. Also, I have this error message everytime I start the program: “ad2mpgvout.dll not found reinstall Ultra 2 may solve problem.” I have never had any other problems as I always ignore this message.

      Can sombody tell me what I’m doing wrong? All I want to do is export a person in front of a greenscreen with a transparent background. I tried to do this with Premier Pro 2 alone but that didn’t work either. If anyone knows of an easier way to do this with a different software program, let me know and I’ll buy it. I’m open for all suggestions!

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      What do you want to export it to?

      It sounds like it did work when you tried it, the black space around the figure when you bring it into Premiere would suggest that the green screen is being removed and empty space, which in video displays as black is in it’s place.

      The “squishing” is probalby caused by a conversion of the video that is being done in Ultra, maybe it is converting the pixel dimensions.

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      I have a client that I shot in front of a green screen who wants that image in a Flash video with a transparent background. Uncompressed does yeild a large file and it takes a bit to render in Premiere Pro 2. I did not try to export to Flash because I didn’t think it would work with the black background. I’ll try that. No special way to export to Flash?Any hint as to why the audio skips and pops? The original was a hardwire lav mic that sound very good. Thanks for responding.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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