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      1. I have a registered copy of Ulead Workshop 2 and I think it is not working quite right, called Ulead/Corel, who say they no longer support the product. I had to uninstall Ulead Workshop a while back and it keeps asking me to register it even though it is. So, here I am. I have created a 5 minute Flash movie that I am converting to AVI and then burning onto DVD to play on TV. At this time it seems I have to burn two seperate files as only the menu movie will loop and not the intro. That’s the first problem. Second problem is when setting the loop it is supposed to play up to a 254 minute movie and loop over again but it stops at 4 minutes 14 secs. I have tried to reset over and over but it is stuck at 4 minutes 14 seconds.

      2. What is the best method and codec to convert Flash file to AVI to DVD with the highest resolution possible? When I create the Flash Movie file and then using MiniRiver’s Flash to AVI converter it looks great on the computer, but once I burn it to DVD the resolution really sucks and the file is only about 100 meg so there is plenty of room left. I think it is being rerendered in the burn. I am trying to achieve near broadcast quality. I tried uncompressed but the file is then over 4 gig.

      Any help and suggestions would be so appreciated. Also any ideas to create the best quality Flash video without using 29 different programs would be welcome as Flash has some nice text/object FX but not great transitions.

      My system is a Dell 8300 P4 2 gig ram, IDE drive and two SATA 200+ Drives, ATI x150 video card.

      Thanks so much, Wolf

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