ULead Video Studio 8 Upgrade warning

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      If you own any other version of ULead Video Studio and are considering buying the upgrade, don’t waste your time or money.
      There is a major bug in the install and it does not recognize the previous version, so it will not install.
      Mine arrived this morning and is going back immediately.
      This is also not the first time I have had problems with ULead software, I guess it’s best to just avoid all products from the company.

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      You stated “major bug”. Was this verified to be in all the upgrades? I have just purchased the box upgrade but haven’t installed it yet. Did Ulead confirm that the bug was in all the upgrades?

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      Apparently Ulead does not have a customer service dept.
      Tech support also never repsonds to anything.
      All I can say is based onmy experience I would advise staying clear of this company.

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      I was reminded that Ulead has a user forum so I went to look at it. Here’s a sample of what’s being said:

      “Why don’t they give us the download files for the non-upgrade version? That seems to be working fine.
      I’m gonna ask a refund and see in 2 months if Ulead has sorted things out.
      Good luck guys!”

      Apparently the trouble is in the upgrade version. But I am so fed up with the company and the way they do not address problems, I am not waiting for a fix. They lost my business.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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