Ulead SV9 Rendering Time too long

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      Hi Pros,
      Need your help for the issue of rendering time on Ulead VS9.
      1) What is the normal rendering time on SV9 (say a 4 GB movie) ?
      I just burned a movie of 2.7 GB with HQ mode, 16:9, some music, titles and regular cross fade. The rendering time for one copy is 3.45 hours and the time for 3 copies is 5.45 hours (an option from Ulead before you render and burn DVDs). Is this normal?
      2) Ulead suggests to render a video file first to insure a smooth DVD burning. In this case do I have to render it again later when I burn the dvd?
      My system:
      1.8 GB Pentium 4
      57 GB HD
      1 GB Ram
      256 MB V card


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      The answer to your question can be one of many. Were you encoding at a CBR or a VBR setting? If so, what kind of parameters did you use? Also… what about the number of passes?

      Any questions regarding encoding/compression and times are just too hard to answer because there are a million and one possible variables.

      For what it’s worth, I just finished encoding a 1 hour 12 minute football highlight reel for one of my son’s teammates who needed it for a college recruting DVD and it took about 4 hours to do a single CBR pass set at 7 Mbit/s.


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      Thanks RAM. I will check into the info you mentioned.

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