Ulead 11 mjpeg playback trouble

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      I have searched for a couple days now for an answer to this problem, but am coming up with nothing helpful.

      My problem: I used Ulead 11’s Movie Wizard to create a photo DVD which includes some video clips from my camera as well. It came out quite nicely, along with some more editing from me.

      The problem is, when I play the project with all the layers, the video clips return as a black screen with audio only. BUT, when I play only the video clips, I get everything, audio and visual. I downloaded the Morgan Multimedia codec as per another suggestion, but this hasn’t helped, so now I’m completely stumped. I tried rendering it and playing it back, but am left with black screens and audio only. I’ve tried removing the transitions before and after the clips, and I’ve tried putting the video on an overlay track, but nothing has worked.

      The method I used for putting the mjpeg files into the project was just choosing the ‘insert video’ option on the project’s control panel. I don’t think i can ‘capture’ those clips as they are already copied onto the computer and the program detects them as .avi files.

      Any insight would be wonderful! Thank you!

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      I can’t seem to duplicate the problem with VS11.5 – but have you tried

      1) opening a new project and converting you avi files to something else?

      2) at the end of the Wizard editing in VS11 instead of making a file?

      From what I understand about avi files, there are a number of different things that can be wrapped inside the avi. A little over a year ago I had a little computer crash and, upon resurection, I couldn’t plave avi’s that were made on my little camera, I had to have the DivX player installed to see them. You could be expereincing the same sort of thing – a codec.

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