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      Hi, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I live in Wales, UK and I make shorts for an internet TV channel based near my home. I am also its sports editor, deciding on events to video, arranging for crews, editing footage and writing the scripts for the sports newsreader to deliver to camera via autocue.

      I was unterested in EFIXMO but the warning about generic trojan put me off a bit. Has anyone downloaded and used the software? I figure if they had, they would have posted a reply. I loved Cart – really good storyline, sad ending though. I figured strong fishing line had been used. Great cutaways too, and camera angles were just right.

      Finally, are there any other Brits on this forum? It’s always frustrating to get alerts from VideoMaker about various workshops they are holding only to find they are in California – how about a roadshow or an international show, guys.

      Anyway, that’s all for now but, to quote Arnie, “I’ll be back”


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      Welcome aboard. Good idea staying clear of software with any Trojan warnings attached. I’m sure there are better and cleaner alternatives out there. ‘Cart’? Never heard of it. Please elaborate. Don’t feel bad, I’ live in the States and it’s annoying that VM’s seminars are always in CA. Whaddayagonnado? Oh and in the States, ‘Arnie’ refers to Golf Legend ‘Arnold Palmer’. Over here Schwartzennegger is ‘Arnold’. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

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      Hi, thanks for the welcome and the advice about Arnoldwho IS known as Arnie on this side of the Pond. There again, we smoke fags, eat faggots and a trunk is what an elephantuses to grab its food or something you find crammed full of junk in the attic, so I guess it was pretty obvious that I was going to get some things wrong. :o)

      Anyway, I hope to learn some things and maybe pass on some of my own experiences on this forum.

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      Incidentally, Cart is mentioned in DIY Cable Cam, and was posted by Derek Sine who is credited on the movie. Worth a look – really good FX and camera work IMO

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      Welcome aboard Bob glad to have ya around

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      thanks Daryl – good to find friendly folks on a forum. I am always interested in DIY projects which save me money so I guess I will be dropping in here often.

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      Talk about “no good deed goes unpunished….” Excellent video. One funky obvious continuity error though. @01:57 when the cart comes out of the store, the blanket is on the cart’s camera right side when before and after it’s on camera left.

      Funny how I can watch this and appreciate it after just seeing “Kick-Ass”.

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