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      I am a highschool student, videography is my hobby. I would like to buy a wireless lavalier mic system but do not have that much money, therefore I can not afford a UHF system. I have only used UHF in the past and am unsure of the quility of VHF I would like to know if I should go with VHF or stick with the boom. Thanks.

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      Hi T,

      Like a lot of video stuff, this isn’t really a simple question.

      First off, there’s no technical reason that VHF or UHF systems should sound different on a standard source like the human voice. They’re both ways to modulate a signal on a carrier, with UHF using higher frequency wavelengths as the carrier. The rest of the technology is the same. So both are equally capable of doing the job.

      Back when ONLY VHF units were used, the VHF band was crowded. So they opened up the UHF spectrum and lots of users migrated because it was less crowded… then IT got crowded! Plus Digital Broadcast Television uses part of the same UHF spectrum, so UHF can actually be MORE crowded than VHF spectrum these days.

      To be safe, if you want to depend on a wireless system, you need to check around and find channels that aren’t being used by others in your area.

      You mention using a boom rig. With the right wiring, a hardwired rig such as a boom mic will nearly ALWAYS be the cheapest way to get excellent sound recording. If you can stand the wires.

      If you MUST go wireless, I’d highly recommend that you borrow or rent exaclty the kind of system you plan to purchase and try it out thoroughly BEFORE you buy it.

      Inexpensive wireless systems sometimes work fine, for example when you’re outdoors away from RF problems – but will let you down when their low power signals get interrupted or get scrambled by common RF noise sources such as strong Motors, Fluorescent light ballasts, or auto ignition noise.

      Bottom line, even tho I own a handfull of VERY expensive wireless mic rigs and can typically use them with confidence, I’m never happier than when I have a solid hardwired microphone solution on a set.

      Hope this helps. And good luck.

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