tyro filmaker : Sony PD170 or Canon XH-A1 ?

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      I made a few independent movies over the years, mostly with friends camera and stuff, not too experienced with camera. I am more director than a cameraman.

      Anyway, 99% of my use of the camera will be for film: cinema, tv…

      I went to stores in my area, and I can’t get the PD170 or the XH-A1 for the same price (brand new).

      I know about the light issues, but I looked in some videos online, and from that short movies it seems to me like the XH A1 makes a better view after all.

      What you think will be the best choice for me for FILM making?

      It will be PAL.

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      haha…i just saw this on CreativeCow.

      Anyway…what is your end product going to be? If you know your end product will be an SD DVD or the web, I’d go with the PD170. If you’re going to try to transfer to film in the end, then I’d shoot HDV (even though I don’t like HDV) because it has a higher resolution.

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