Typography Test - Please Comment & Critique

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Here's a quick typography piece I made for a competition, feel free to
critique and comment on my work. (Comment on other then the voice over


If I had more time I would have considered placing more symbols and images into it.


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Good job Corey. I think it was a little bit fast (no that much), but it shows the message clearly.


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At first I had the same thought - it's too fast - but too fast was effectiveon me because you had my full attention as I tried to keep up.

Guess it's a double edged sword. Some will dismiss it because it's too fast while others will be drawn in for the same reason.

Just curious, whatsoftware did you use?

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Great job. I watched it a number of times. Fast pace helped keep our attention throughout the segment. I found the text a little hard to read (maybe my old eyes or the settings on my monitor). I was thinking that a border or shadow on text would help it stand out from the backgroundbut with the VO reinforcing the text I didn't have any trouble following along. Once agagin great job!