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      By the past, you guys helped me a lot, so I’m going for another question…

      How do we simulate a typewriter effect in PP2 ? Any plugin needed ?

      Thank you!!


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      Ey up mate,

      i am not sure if this is the best way to do it, as it is probably a long way, but i would simply import each letter as a layer and then lay it on the timeline as you want it to appear.

      You will of course end up with a lot of Tracks, but then Premier can have something like 99 anyway, so as long as your not writing a novel you should be fine.

      HOpe this hleps,


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      This isn’t bad, however, consider maybe doing this in flash, then exporting it as a PNG sequence after you have finished. Flash handles multiple tracks faster and easier than premiere. (it’s easier to manipulate.) You simply type everything out, break it apart into layers, then shift the timelines accordingly. (ooo and add sound effects ;)) I realize this is an old post, but maybe it would help someone 🙂

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      I’m a Vegas user so I don’t know how PP2 works. If you can, import a text object on to your timeline. For every [insert appropriate number] of keyframes, add or change a letter of the text object. Then add and some sound effects of a typewriter to sync with the text. Be sure to download some cool looking fonts for it as well.

      I used this technique on one of my videos. To match the intense tempo of the music, I created a fast paced scrambling effect of the opening credits. To see an example (not mine), watch the video game trailer for "Assassin’s Creed" on gamespot.com.

      Otherwise, I’d say buy an old school typewriter from a thrift shop or yard sale and do it sans any digital effects.

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      Kai Tudor

      Last year, I uploaded what seemed to be my last video…

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