Types of PCI Express????

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      Can someone tell me, are there different types of PCI express? I am looking for a new motherboard and I see PCI-X X1 and PCI-X X16, among other types. Can somebody please tell me what this means?

      Also, I am looking for a motherboard that has 2 PCI express slots, one for a PCI-X video card and another for a BlackMagic Design Decklink capture card. What type of PCI-X should I look for?

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      first – the new bus called PCI Express is abbreviated PCIe. PCI-X is the old technology. PCIe 16x is for graphics card. The other PCIe slots can be 1x to 8x. This really doesn’t make a difference with the black magix card.


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      Thanks for your reply! Sorry about the abbreviation error…you learn something new everyday!

      This is going to really help me in my search for a motherboard.

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