TWO Star Wars Effects on FCE 3.5 Please help

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      I am looking into doing a roto-lightsaber effect thru FCE–is this possible?
      Also, the famous princess leia effect with the appearing (projected) thru r2 (help me obi wan your my only hope) effect.

      Thanks for any advice.


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      In order to do LS well you need roto or compositing software like After Effects, motion, shake (if on a mac)

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      I’ve not tried this exactly, but I think you can get the effect with FCE this way… You might need to play with the process a bit to fine tune it.

      This is a fairly complex procedure. You might want to print the sections of the FCE manual dealing with the specific steps.

      First, shoot your subject that you want to appear as your projected image against a chromakey screen. Light the subject and background using different instruments. Put as much distance as possible between the subject and the background. Use the chromakey effect (effects tab) in FCE to strip out the background (key). Save as alpha channel only (channel map)

      Place this clip into one video track of your timeline. Place R2 in another video track. Adjust the position and scale of your projected subject so that it appears in the right spot. Play with the opacity control of this clip to match the "not really there" look you are going for.

      As I said, I haven’t tried this in FCE, but it should be possible with the software tools you have.

      Another low-tech option is to do the effect in-camera with forced perspective. Place the projected subject far enough in the background that the subject appears the right size for the effect you want. Have the actors in the foreground interact with the small "projected" subject as if he or she is on the same visual plane as they are. Of course, the setting needed to pull this off limits you a bit, but in the old days this was how it was done!

      Good luck,

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      Pick up a copy of the book "50 Fast Final Cut Express Techniques" by Tim Meehan. It has been around a while, so you could probably find it in the used section of Amazon for a couple of dollars. Meehan explains how to create versions of the effects you are going for in the book with FCE.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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