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      Hey guys, I’m a loyal magazine reader but new here to the forum and I figured I’d start it off with a showcase post. I’ve put two of my short films on YouTube. One is an 8-minute long sci-fi short experiment with greenscreening and a very effects-heavy project, the other is my recent nearly-hour-long drama about growing up and making sacrifices in society in order to lead a sustainable life. I made them both as part of classes in my senior year of high school, and both have gotten good responses from those who’ve seen them.

      Watch the short sci-fi film here: (

      Watch the seven-part drama here: part one (,
      part two (,
      part three (,
      part four (,
      part five (,
      part six (,
      and part seven (

      Thanks a lot for watching, the festival run is in progress, as LATENT(CY) has been submitted so far to five film festivals. Thanks for watching at least one of the parts, if not both films, and enjoy, comment, rate, tell your friends, family, co-workers, bosses, loved ones, pets, neighbors, distant relatives, forum buddies, IM pals, email dudes (or dudettes), and everybody else you know. Heh, thanks for watching, or reading, and let me know what you think!

      And be sure to check out the filmmaking blog over at!


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      I watched two and I think I may be sucked in. I need to know what happens next… Thanks for sharing you videos with us.

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      Hah, awesome, thanks a lot. Comment, rate, tell your friends, heh. I’ve sent the submissions out to five festivals so far, but won’t hear until January/February of any acceptances to any of them. But it’s a new step for me, so it’s fun to play in my head with what could happen. Thanks for watching these, glad you enjoyed them!

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      I watched the first three episodes last week but have been busy since, but I’ve bookmarked the page as I am intrigued as to what happens next. Good luck at the festivals. 🙂

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