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      I was wondering if anyone has a solution to do something similar to what Leo Laporte does except cheaper. I don’t have the capital to afford a tricaster and a bunch of GL2 cameras.

      I would like to do faith-based programming that can be streamed live to multiple sites, like and but, also to be able to record the audio and video for podcasts and youtube. This would need to be able to capture my computer screen, previously recorded video, skype video and be able to switch between all of those while streaming. Overlays and graphics would be good as well.

      I’m also trying to find a way to make this as portable as possible and am also open to suggestions in terms of decent cameras for cheap prices. I would also like to be able to record the Mass for my church and haven’t figured out a way to run the cameras, etc.

      Thank you in advance for any suggestions,

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      Just soit’sclear, you want the productino to go online LIVE? Or is it pre-recorded and then streamed “live” on the streaming sites?

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      Production would be live streamed, but, also recorded for later playback through You Tube. It would be great if it would be possible to have 3 streams. 1 for Ustream, 1 for Justin.TV and 1 in h.264 for ipod touch/iphone/ipad users. I would like to also set up a loop of some sort that will play the programs on those feeds after they are recorded.

      I found a software called WireCast which allows switching between multiple firewire/usb cameras, however, I don’t know that it can switch between skype video windows or do screen grabs of the computer screen live. It also allows for multiple streams at different bit rates and also allows to stream to limelight.

      I’m just not sure if this is the best route to go in that regard and also am still unsure as to what I should invest in for cameras, etc. I thought about using Flip HDs and doing everything in post production but, that just takes way too long and doesn’t allow for streaming live.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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