TV / Theater specs to play 1080 60p?

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      I have just run into another issue withmy new”travel” camera- and something you would think I would have found out about sooner!

      I just today for the first time tried connecting this camera directly to my 4 year old Pioneer Elite receiver. When I put the camera into the 1080 60p mode my screen would go black on my Televison (also 4 years old). All other record and playback modes showed up fine. (before today I have just been loading the files into my computer and editing to blu-ray output).

      I took this camera to my father’s house tonight and it all worked well on his 1 month old television.

      I am wondering – would this type of display require HDMI 1.4? I didn’t really see a reference to it in the manual but it is the only explaination I can come up with at this time. I am guessing my theater/television has at least 1.3 or lower (I don’t really know the timeframe or difference from all the HDMI specs).

      I know a full 60 progressive frames/second recorded in 1920×1080 takes a LOT of power from what I have read – which is why I am surprised this little camera boasts this function. My “pro” cameras cannot even do that.

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      1920x1080p60 should play fine on any 1080p HDTV.

      Your question would be whether or not it plays fine on the bluray player.

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      My 1080p television will not even recognize the signal when I turn it to 1080/60p mode (recording or playback) but all other modes work fine. The HDMI light still flashes in that mode so it senses an HDMI cable is trying to connect, but it does not turn solid showing that the connection has been fully made.

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      Check the camcorder’s HDMI outputsetting and make sure that it’s set to 1080p.

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      It is.

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      According to wiki thethroughput is the same between spec 1.3 and 1.4. It looks like the resolution increased to support 4K (digital theater spec). I am not sure this is the problem. 1.3 was released in June 2006 so is it possible your tv is 1.2? 1.2 supports lower total throughput and would create this issue.

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      Yeah I looked at the timeleines a couple days ago. My TV and receiver are right at the end (May 2006) of the 1.2 era. And I see how much of an increase in bandwidth the newer specs have come- including ethernet signals through at the same time. I am fairly positive this has been the issue, and hopefully will be able to fix this in the coming months.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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