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      I’ve been asked by a local business to produce a television commercial. This is actually going to be my second commercial. The first I did by ‘gentleman’s agreement’ which, fortunately worked out. But going forward I want to do things in a more professional manner. Is there somewhere I can view an agreement online to get an idea of what to include in mine? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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      Grinner Hester

      You can download templates for nada but I stay away from contracts when I can.

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      screw that, get a contract, get what you will do, get what their compensation is for the advertising, in WRITING. get them to sign it. two copies, one for you, one for them. then it is legally binding. my first couple of advertising commercials i did i just googled advertising contract, copied it and doctored it up to my specs in word and had them sign something. if they don’t pay, you have something in writing.

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      genltemans agreements are for honest people. that’s a trust factor that doesn’t apply to making money. get a contract. pay strict attention to details, including theirs.

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      Contract! Contract! Contract!

      Always get it in writing! Only a person who is begging for trouble will work without one. At the barest mininmum, submit a proposal outlining the proposed cost of creating the work and a rough time-frame of how long it will take to do it. Proposals are more loose than contracts, but just as binding when accepted. Actually, submitting a written proposal and after acceptance bind the deal with a contract nailing down all the approved specifics is better. However, you’re going to run into clients that will prefer to roll with a proposal or contract or both! Really crazy but don’t overlook that information submitted via an e-mail can be considered a proposal/contract! So be very careful and clear about what you put in your correspondence with potential clients.

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      Grinner Hester

      I have found that is what my jusge of character is for and in today’s economy, I can’t afford to chase clientele off with contracts. Perhaps if it were a bigger production but all you have to do in this case is seal the deal with a handshake and show up on time.

      When we go out of our way to make this harder than it is, it often becomes too hard for clients to mess with.

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      In God I trust, everyone else signs a contract.

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