Tutorials on Edius

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I always get inspiration from seeing others use Edius. I have collected some sites with interesting tutorials. If you know more, please add to the list!!




http://www.ediustips.com/mode.html (some excellent recommendations on Edius modes)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltsqou2BXTo&feature=related(also check out parts 2,3 and 4 of this tutorial on youtube)

Enjoy, Petr

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I just found a new set of Edius 5 comprehensive video tutorials recently released at


They cover in 60 topics all the basic features as well as provide in depth instruction for the more complex tools. The visual presentation layout is very effective as well.

The author is a very eperienced award winning editor, so the focus is on production workflow.

Excellent pricing. $25 a month (cancel at any time, no contract) gave me access to Edius and all the other tutorials on the site any time of day or night. The tutorial set can be downloaded as well for $49.

Avoiding the usual trial and error and constantly looking things up in
the manual has already saved me hours. These tutorials are just what I needed
in making a transition from Premiere to Edius 5.