Turnkey NLE Computer suggestions?

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      I read the LarryDarr thead about a new system, but most of that was about computer components and how the get put together. Can anyone suggest a pre-packaged turnkey editing computer for those of us who are electronically challenged?

      Do you think I can get a desktop tower only (no monitor, etc) for under $1k?

      Also – what are those external/portable hard drives? Would that be a good way to expand my editing options? I have an HP Pavillion that supossedely has the Phenom Quad Core processor, but this thing can’t get out of it’s own way. Plenty of hard disk space, not sure how much RAM it has. Running Vista Home edition. Thanks.

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      I picked up one through Costco Internet sale(made by Ibuypower) for $1300. Quad core i7, 6GB ram, 1TBhd, Nvidia 9600GT w/1GB onboard and VistaHome Premium 64bit. Very nice machine and hasn’t choked on anything I have thrown at it yet, and I edit in AVCHD. It comes up for sale every once in a while.

      If you know what hardware you are looking for, Ibuypower is a neat outfit in that you can select type of pc, then from available hardware “build” your own model. I beleive they give it a 48 hr bench test burn in, after building it,before shipping. The price tag adjusts as you add/adjust items so you can watch/work inyour $limit and adjust acordingly.

      I am sure there are other outfits out there that do a similar service, would be a good test for google search.

      I use the USB harddrives to store my “stock” footage, pulling in, what I need to edit, onto the internal harddrive to let those sata transfer rateswork for me.

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